Personal Trainer


Life in Dubai is hectic.

Whether you are hustling at work or a busy mum, stress is here and has a bad effect on your body and your health.

Break your habits and bring SPORT into your life: it is your best friend for your well-being. With your busy schedule, a coach that comes to you can be the key to your success.


My Credentials are:

Certified  Boxing/ black belt Kickboxing Coach(Thai Boxing - WKA Federation)

Trained in Thailand , Thai Boxing Specialist          (MUAY THAÏ)

Professional Athlete Trainer

Well-Being Consultant

Group fitness instructor

Personal trainer L3 REP'S registered

Coach Meddy Dubai 


Coach Meddy Dubai


                                  Boxing Fitness                        Cross-fit                          Muscular strength                    Weight loss                         Muay-Thaï   

                                                                                Cardio Training                                                                Body toning and shaping


What Team Meddy Thinks ..

Yves Thapele

Meddy, best personal trainer! He gave me this passion for boxing. Started from the bottom, he push me to the White Collar DXB victory after 8 weeks of hard training. He will build with you a adapted program and you will feel skills and evolution after each session. In addition Meddy makes every workout different, so you will never get bored. He really know his job, thanks a huge knowledge of sport and nutrition. You just cannot do better. Thank you Coach for EVERYTHING! Today I'm a proud member of #TeamMeddy.

Lucille Du Angassac

When you think you've lost your body forever.. you don't know how to take care of yourself anymore and feel lost... Just call Meddy.  He honestly got me out of a circle of junk food and lazyness drawn by working too much and not taking care of myself.He will push you to your limits until you realize your limits get further every day.One of the best person I've met in Dubai and who will make me the person I've always wanted to be! The change is happening already not only in my looks but in my head. It's a full soul and body refurbishment. Thank you Meddy   

 Moufadal Guillaume Akbaraly

Coach Meddy is really professional and is an achiever. The results is has achieve are really impressive and he has a deep knowledge of what he does and the way of training and the diet to adopt in order to achieve. He is not just a simple coach but he is dedicated professional coach who makes you change your lifestyle and reach sustainable results!!!Keep it up!!                                                                                 







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