Procedural Coding


Product Overview

Procedural coding is a system of code of numbers assigned to every task and service a medical practitioner may provide to a patient including medical, surgical and diagnostic services. They are then used by insurers to determine the amount of reimbursement that a practitioner will receive by an insurer when he or she performs that service. Since everyone uses the same codes to mean the same thing, they ensure uniformity


Our procedural coding software includes a concrete master directory that gives the medical practitioner the choice to select relevant procedure terms as the treatment is done instead of waiting until that treatment process is completed. Moreover, maps from these terms are made to applicable code bundles including ICD-10-PCS ,CPT®, HCPCS, and many other bundles, to streamline the selection process when there is a detailed treatment plan being done. These codes are developed, maintained and copyrighted but as the practice of health care changes, new codes are developed for new services, current codes may be revised, and old, unused codes are discarded. Thousands of codes are in use, and they are updated annually


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