Bed Communication

  • Product Overview

    The BedComm solution integrates patient monitoring and ancillary medical device data directly into your EMR. This is accomplished accurately and efficiently with a three step approach: Right Patient, Right Location, Right Device.


  • Features

    • Patient Centric Approach to Ensure Positive Identification
    • Utilizes off-the-shelf hardware
    • Software-only solution
    • Leverages existing IT infrastructure
    • Web-based client
    • No proprietary software installed at the bedside
  • Benefits

    • BedComm is a Flexible Software Solution Used to Easily Integrate Medical Device Data into any EMR
    • Avoidable Adverse event costs can be reduced by $2 billion annually
    • Redundant testing due to inaccessible information can be reduced by $3 billion annually
    • Improvements in clinical documentation workflows can save $12 billion annually

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