• Product Overview

    MEDIVista™ is a powerful, secure, integrated content, services and application delivery platform that has been specifically engineered to provide reliable point of care computing within the challenges and constraints of the hospital IT environment. Lincor’s MEDIVista solution is deployed in over 125 hospitals around the world enhancing the experience of over 2 million patients a year. MEDIVista helps hospitals to improve clinical outcomes, streamline operational effectiveness and enhance the patient experience. It provides secure, integrated access to clinical, picture archiving (PACS), medical records and hospital management systems to hospital staff, as well as multimedia entertainment, education and communications services for patients.

  • Features

    MEDIVista is a point of care platform that delivers:

    • Access to patient data via secure sign on to PACS, EHR etc
    • Access to range of non-clinical applicationsDevelopment of Patient Self-Service
    • Patient Education, Information, Entertainment & Communication
    • Powerful, secure, reliable computing platform using standards (Health Level Seven International, known as HL7) or web services based connectivity to existing hospital information systems
    • Cloud or Server based architecture supports future business model transition to SaaS
  • Benefits

    • Improve Clinical Efficiencies
    • All information where you need it, when you need it
    • Data is up to date – no need to double check
    • Improve Patient Safety
    • Decisions based on all latest data
    • Patient Monitoring
    • Better Communications
    • Reduce Risks

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