Data Management & BackUp

Product Overview

Healthcare organizations, hospitals, and private practices face constant challenges when it comes to managing and organizing medical records. Privacy legislation, regulatory scrutiny and litigation – as well as storage constraints and escalating costs – are just a few of the factors that have made good records management practices a must for the healthcare industry.


Data Management, backup and recovery Solutions for Healthcare enable you to strengthen your data protection, simplify backup and recovery, and have an extensive range of service levels—for even the largest data volumes.

  • Shorter Backup Windows - Reduce impact on your application and system availability.
  • Faster Backups and Restores  - Meet more consistent backup windows, and restore your key applications in minutes rather than days.
  • Reduced Business Risk  - Restore data quickly and accurately with built-in hardware redundancy and redundant array of independent disks (RAID) protection.
  • Improved IT Efficiency  - Save hours of staff time and boost user productivity. There’s one critical patient safety measure all hospitals using electronic health records should be taking.

    When doctors are relying on technology to access patient records and other information, even small errors can have big consequences. Hospitals must also plan for situation where they won’t have access to their EHRs for extended periods of time.

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